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New Music Monday NKOTB

April 15, 2013

There has been a lot of activity in the news lately and sometimes the bad stuff over shadows the good.

So what ‘good’ might you have missed?


These 5 dream boats


Yes, a big fan of the boys growing up, it seems after all these years I am still as big a fan now as I was back then!

And throughout all my stalking tour-goings, I even managed to get a shout out from Donny during one of the shows!


I guess it doesn’t hurt when you’re 6’3 standing in the front row amidst a group of girls 5’6 and under!

Now this album is a lot lighter than their last album ‘The Block’. It’s full of slow jams great for listening to when you’re lotioning up your body for a night out! (Seriously, nobody likes chalky skin)

My favourite song on NKOTB’s ’10’ so far is #1 ‘We Own Tonight’


That being said I haven’t actually been able to make it past song #9 ‘Crash’, which is another favourite on the 12 song CD, because I keep going back to #1.

But regardless, I have been pretty satisfied with everything I’ve heard thus far and it’s made me even more excited about seeing them again in concert this July!


Love the new CD and I’ll see you soon boys!


Mr. Fab on the block


Looking forward to reading your comments!