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A Journey Inside the Tent: AMALUNA!

April 11, 2013

Last night all was revealed under the mysterious big top that popped up in Calgary this week!

Opening night of Amaluna!

Amaluna_Clagary_MR_FAB_ (1)

And what a delicious opening night it was!

Magnum Ice Cream Bars, Bubbles and an unlimited supply of Popcorn… My date and I were ready to enter the tent.

Amaluna_Clagary_MR_FAB_ (2)

Now, the show is set in the round: Performers come and go from all the aisle ways and swing from the ceiling so no matter where you sit, you feel like you’re a part of the show.

And the sound… This temporary dome allows the sounds to swirl throughout! It felt like I was wearing a very expensive stereo headset!

Amaluna tells a story, and follows the journey of a girl… And, much like many other Cirque shows I’ve seen, I really had no idea what that story was.

That being said, what I did know was that this show had some absolutely amazing moments!

Here were my top 3 highlights from the show:

1. The golden doublemint twins who ripped around on the stage via uni-cycles, were hands down the tightest synchronized pair I have ever seen in any performance.


2. The bowl of water which became and acrobatic platform for a very ‘bendy’ and fit performer. Seriously, I have trouble getting out of my bathtub, but she was able to hoist herself out of the pool like she had wings.


3. The stick stacking women who picked up very large pieces of wood with her toes and created what looked like a dinosaur vertebrae balanced and stacked 10 feet in front of her.


Like many Cirque shows, the production is a compilation of mini segments which showcase amazing talent, sheer strength and athleticism that will have you hungry for more.

I’m hungry and want more… but not more popcorn!

Thanks for the gracious invite Cirque, please come and visit us more often!

Mr. Fab aluna


Looking forward to reading your comments!