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First Class Friday with KLM

March 22, 2013

With 3 hours of sleep the night prior to my flight with KLM, one would think I’d be excited to curl up for a long snooze on the plane, but flying in Business Class, as comfortable as the seat is, there was something that was about to keep me awake…

The Food & Drinks!

A 2 o’clock departure, and I made very sure to show up hungry because with the nine-hour flight time ahead of me, there was sure to be several services.


It all started with the mixed nuts.

Nuts on a plane and nobody died, I started to question why Canada doesn’t just follow suit.

I ordered Cognac to wash the salty deliciousness down, but decided just to have a few sips to save room for the rest of the extensive menu.


Then the ‘Foodie Parade’ began

First up, Salmon with some delicious green stuff and a dollop of tasty white stuff.


And just as I was licking the sauces off the plate it was snatched away and a giant dish of Lamb with some very interesting ‘something or other’ was put down in front of me.


So mysterious and so delicious… I wanted more!

I think quick, and toss my fork to the ground… As my seat-mate bends forward to pick it up, I steal a few more nuggets off his plate!

Just then I see the dessert cart creeping out from behind the curtain.


And the crowd goes wild!!

…Well, I go wild.

I decided to play it cool and order cake & cheese leaving the other choices of pudding and fruit behind: my seat neighbour was left in shock.


Half way through my glass of port, I decide to call it quits; nappy time is comin’ on strong!

After an indeterminable amount of time I suddenly spring awake; I hear the footsteps of a flight attendant, and yes, he is with another tray of snacks!


Disoriented and confused I take only an Australian ice cream and instantly regret not grabbing the 3 other items off the tray.

As I wolf down the creamy treat I start to wonder if the Aircrew has even had time for themselves to eat, so I swing my head into the galley to check on them and I notice them all in full swing preparing my next meal.


About to black out from food overdose, I wipe the red sauce from my mouth and take a look at my watch;

I have been marathon eating for the last 9 hours.

The crew has wined and dined me all flight and now we are minutes from landing.

But they weren’t done with me yet!


One last delivery to send me on my way, A Blue Delft House to remind me of my great flight and my magical trip to Holland!

I am grateful for all the wonderful service of the hard-working crew on my flight, I had a great experience, and me and my food baby are looking forward to visiting you again soon!

Mr. Fab elly of KLM


Looking forward to reading your comments!