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Famous Fridays (George Strombo)

March 8, 2013

I usually make good choices when I’m out, but like anyone, I’ve made a few ‘errors in judgement’ when I’ve had a few too many cocktails.

This is my story of one of those real life moments.

A few months ago, while at a fairly prestigious charity event with a few friends, we mixed, mingled and cocktailed with fellow guests at the party.

The event had brought in a celebrity host for the evening, George Stroumboulopoulos, someone whom I had met before: while visiting Toronto, I made a last-minute booking to attend a taping of his then named show, ‘The Hour’.

George Strombo

As we nibbled in the food and tipped back the drinks, we unexpectedly bumped in to George and started a conversation.

Camera in-hand, I decided a few photos with the host would make for a good memory, and that’s where my instigating friends kicked in.

“You look boring! Do something fabulous!” they shouted

And after a 10 second brief with George, he snatched my glasses off of my face and it was ‘go’ time!

Strombo Fab

What could be more ‘fabulous’, or drunkenly, more inappropriate than a handstand?! (check out the horrified face of the girl in the background)

Strombo and Fab (2)

Like an upside down cherry tomato, the blood rushed to my head and I dizzily kicked my 6’3 body head over heels and into the acrobatic arms of George.

Strombo and Fab (1)

As I resumed a normal ‘this side up’ stance, I thanked Strombo for his time and continued on with my night.

The next day, upon review of my photos, I came to the following conclusions:

-My friends are bad influences


-I can be easily swayed into making ‘interesting’ choices.

Regardless… who else in the world can say they’ve ‘cirque de soleil’ed with George Strombo?!

Thanks for being up for the challenge, you’re a fun guy G.S.!

Mr Fab robats


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