Tasty Tuesday (McFish Bites)

March 5, 2013

I know one person who still eats the Filet-O-Fish.

The McDonald’s sandwich, which hit the fast food chain in 1962, was in my mind, long overdue for retirement. But instead of going on quietly into the sunset, this fishy fellow has started to spawn… And it’s little off-spring are ready for a swim down the ol’ esophagus.

Fish McBites

McDonald’s Fish McBites

Now I’m not sure if these little guys are available in Canada, after all the only time I make this big fast food mistake is at 5am when I’m about one nipple slip away from being arrested for lewd conduct on the Las Vegas strip.

Mr. Fab and bright suit guy

But what do these deep-sea divers taste like?

Imagine you’re a baby bird and your mom has just finished regurgitating a mushy worm into your mouth.

Fish McBited Mc Donalds Limited Edition

You wonder, “What would that worm taste like deep-fried?”

This is the new Fish McBites.

Even trying to drown this sea creature in tartar sauce made little difference.

Fish McBites Tartar Sauce

McDonald’s says these bites will be here for a ‘limited time’, which is the best part of this temporary menu item.

My Verdict:

Time to send these back to 20,000 leagues under the sea!

Mr. Fishy Fab McBites


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