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My Mailbox Surprise

February 25, 2013

Last summer I received a booklet in the mail from Travel Alberta sampling some of nature’s splendour and vacation adventures Alberta would have to offer.

Travel Alberta Guide Book from A--Z
With no time to browse through it, I stowed it on my bookcase to review at a later time and date.

Recently when the idea of a weekend trip to Banff came up, I pulled the booklet off the shelf to do a little research.

And to my surprise, there I was, telling myself to ‘Take a Hike!”

Mr. Fab Travel Alberta Model

A few years ago I had done a photo shoot for Banff/Lake Louise tourism. The 2 day shoot saw horribly overcast skies and less than desirable weather conditions; I had assumed all the photos had been scrapped.

But to my delight, the day of wilderness hiking and ‘floral botanical studies’ have made it to print!

Over the 2 day shoot, I was not only able to build my portfolio, I had the chance to truly enjoy the beautiful offerings of Alberta.

Mr. Fab Hiking in the Medow Banff Lake Louise

So next time a visitor comes to see you from another city, province, or even country, pick up a Travel Alberta booklet and show them all we have to offer… Including Fab!

Time to explore!

Mr. Fab erta tourism


Looking forward to reading your comments!