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What to Wear (The Colour of Spring)

February 6, 2013

With spring a month away, I have received numerous letters from my female readers asking “What trends and colours are hot for the season?”

Okay, so maybe there were no letters… But I’m certainly going to give you my 2 cents! Like I’ve ever been one to keep my opinion to myself.

3 years ago I was wild for neon, and this year year I’m loving pastels!

Pastel Hunter rain boots

Light shades, easy on the eyes and appropriate wear for marching in any Easter parade!

Kate Spade Pastel Heels

For accessories, rose gold has been a big hit and looks great on your pale winter skin but one when your summer bronze starts showing I like brights and whites.

And if you’re not into arm candy sticking and sweating up your wrists, there are so many new creamy delicious colours of nail polish to choose from!

Pastel Nail Polish MAC, NARS

So if you’re looking for my unsolicited advice to freshen up your spring wardrobe, then pick out some pastels!

And yes Men, this goes for you too:

You’ll look pretty in pink!

Mr. Fab astels


Looking forward to reading your comments!