What to Wear (Marc by Marc)

January 24, 2013

This season there must have been something in the water over at the Marc Jacobs design studio because the mice are back and the have multiplied tenfold!


Over the past 2 seasons I’ve been giving these mousy flats a hard time, but times have changed and looking around at the disappointing spring/summer collections coming from other designers, Marc by Marc, although questionable, might be the most interesting footwear available.


Although there have been countless varieties of this rodent themed footwear sold over the past few years I am still wondering;

“Who wears these little guys!?”


So if you’re a reader who actually owns these flats, please send me a head to ‘tail’ photo of you wearing these creative shoes.

I figure if you’ve got the style sense to pull these off, that the rest of your fashion has got to be pretty unique too!

But for those who love the flats but wouldn’t be caught dead in the streets with them, it’s your lucky day!


Marc Jacobs makes a cozy pair of the little creatures for your tootsies!

You’ll be furry and fancy as you laze around!

Now only if they came in a men’s 13!

Mr. Fab edroom slippers


Looking forward to reading your comments!