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What to Wear Wednesday (Pink Friday)

January 2, 2013

It’s Saturday night and you’re out at the club… The clock is ticking and desperation hour is about to hit.

You look around and realize time has gotten away on you and the ugly lights have just been switched on.

It’s that time of night where you wish you could throw a sheet over your head and make a quick escape with out anyone seeing you!

The overpowering stench of musty perfume, cigarettes, spilt cocktails and classless mistakes, the smell that makes you toss your clothes in the hamper the minute you walk in the door.

Surely nobody could like that smell…

Until now!

Nicki-Minaj Perfume Pink Friday

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday

Her debut fragrance, which she describes as smelling “like angels playing”, is packaged in one of the most un-heavenly and provocative bottles.

Complete with her signature baby pink wig, the bottle looks like a futuristic, golden version of Minaj with an ample bust and a gold “Nicki Minaj” necklace.

NickiMinaj-All Pink Friday Products

I am a huge fan of Nicki and love all of her songs but for me this new fragrance just smells and looks cheap.

Prehaps a more suiting name for the fragrance would have been ‘The Morning After’ or ‘The Walk of Shame’.

Love you Nicki, but it’s not for me.

Keep on keepin on!

Mr. Fab ar star


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