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Paper Bag Princess

December 11, 2012

A few weeks ago, an exciting request came in to host an event for one of my favourite card and paper stores Papyrus

The store, which is always been my favourite place to find dazzling special occasion cards, was about to host a fashion show that featured handcrafted dresses from well-known designers, made entirely out of paper!

Papyrus Paper Dresses Fab Hosts (3)

Of course the store that sells outrageously bright and sparkly cards needed the perfect compliment of hosts.

Papyrus Paper Dresses Fab Hosts (4)

Myself and a 6’4 Drag Queen were up for the challenge!

The show featured 7 dresses, and as each dress came down the runway I was more and more in doubt that these were actually made of paper.

Papyrus Paper Dresses Fab Hosts (5)

But upon closer inspection, every aspect from the feathered paper skirts to the woven paper bodices were completely made out of the in-store gift and card stock.

Papyrus Paper Dresses Fab Hosts (1)

It’s amazing to see what people can do with just a little bit of paper and ribbon.

Thanks Papyrus for letting me join your amazing team for the evening

Mr. Fab

  1. Hey those are some of my paper dresses! I made four of them (the red/black, black/silver and the two ivory wedding dresses). Glad you liked them! Stay updated with Papyrus’s events because I’m sure to make more :).

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