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Amaluna with Miss. Fab

November 29, 2012

When Mr. Fab asked me to do the honours of joining the team and covering the opening of Amaluna in Vancouver BC, I could hardly say no; I mean there’s little that offers more excitement and intrigue than life under the big top or the ‘Fab’ franchise.

I must be honest… I have only been to one Vegas Cirque show in the past, so I was very excited to see how this would compare; how would the Cirque franchise pull off the excitement whilst on the road?

Well! The excitement begins as soon as you see the stunning blue and yellow stripes of the big top thats laid out before you. It all seems a little opulant and over the top, and that theme seems to carry throughout the evening.

My lovely girlfriend Jenelle and I are whisked into the prestigious VIP Rouge tent where immediately we stop to pose on the red carpet for a photo op and then the “pinch me I’m dreaming” moments just kept coming.

The never ending stream of hor’s d’oeuvres circulating were of the finest quality and our champagne glasses were remarkably never empty. Food and drink taken care of, we are off to the main event.

Once inside you immediately get the sensation of being underwater! Fabulous mystic lighting and gigantic reeds of grass transport you. You can’t help but get caught up in the love story that unfolds.

Girls rule the night and the contortionist water scene will leave you wondering, “how the hell did she do that?” Every element of the show fit the Vegas mold and perhaps there were even some extras… (Female rock and roll band anyone?)

After a sold hour and a half of being swept away to this strange land, a quick 30 min intermission offers a welcome break to indulge in what else? More champers and earl grey flavored French macaroons. Perfect!

Then back into the tent you go once more for another full hour, and an epic finish that brings the audience to their feet.

Amaluna is magical from beginning to end and it left Jenelle and I slightly sad in the end, wondering why we never did run away and join the circus.

Thanks for the wonderful evening Cirque, this is one fabulous show!

Reporting from the West Coast

Miss Fab aluna

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Amaluna Performs in Vancover November 23, 2012 - January 13, 2013

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