Tasty Tuesday (Holiday Pringles)

November 27, 2012

Today we talk about the grossest things I’ve eaten lately.


Now let me first preamble. I come from a place where Hostess Potato Chips and the ‘Munchies’ were national treasures, so when I tasted Pringles for the first time, I wasn’t quite sure what the heck I was eating; these were certainly not the potato chips I was used to. But like anything, you eat a bunch and they grow on you.

So when I saw this invention of a flavor, I had to try them out!

Obviously the thought of them tasting like ‘those little donuts’ was the reason I made the purchase in the first place.

To the naked eye, the sprinkling of cinnamon would be enough to satisfy my taste buds…

But what did they really taste like?

Imagine a hobo had sucked all the delicious cinnamon and sugar mixture off ta mini donut and then left the soggy patty in the sun to dry.

A crispy bland transient tasting treat.

Not for me!

But wait, there’s more!

How about these little guys sitting right beside them on the shelf?!

White chocolate peppermint.

Once again my mind told me these would be a sweet and festive holiday delicacy, I could hardly wait to eat the whole tin!

But what I got was watered down chewing gum spittle.

Hands down the worst and most disappointing thing I’ve eaten this year.

So the verdict:

Pringles, you were barely camouflaged as a potato chip before and now you’ve really ruined your cover..

Back to the drawing board for you!

Mr. Fab ringles


Looking forward to reading your comments!