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The Fiasco Gelato Foursome! (Giveaway)

November 20, 2012

‘Tis the season of the Host/Hostess gift, and if you’re looking to make a fabulous (and delicious) impression have I got the gift for you!

Let’s be honest, the bottle of wine you are bringing to gift isn’t really a gift, it’s your back-up. And the next morning when the party planners are cleaning up your mess, they’ll remember you sucking back the last glass of their ‘Thanks for the invite’ bottle.

So it’s time to think outside the box and give them something that they can enjoy the next day while they nurse their hangovers.

The gift: the most delicious gelato known to man-kind…

Fiasco Gelato!!

They have created some new and unique flavors this season that have the WOW factor.

Eggnog, Gingerbread, Dark Chocolate Peppermint and Apple Cider Sorbetto.

And they’ve taken the liberty to make all your tastebud’s dreams come true by packing it up in to a holiday quartet! 4 pints for $35!

I have been enjoying Fiasco’s cool tasty treats for a while, and I can assure you that if you showed up to MY party with this gift, you’d be first on my invite list for parties to come.

Now if you don’t have any holiday parties to attend… Thank God, you can buy this and keep it all for your self! Trust me I’ll be declining some invites this year just so I have a reason not to share!

Because my friends at Fiasco made the mistake of answering my phone call, I was able to sweet talk them into offering up a couple sets to my readers!

And yes, when I randomly choose the winners, I will be randomly inviting them over for dinner… they’ll be bringing the dessert!

So if you’re dying to get your hands on this you’ll have two ways to enter;

#1 Tweet the Following

All @immrfabulous and I want for Christmas is the limited edition @FiascoGelato RT to win all 4!


#2 Comment Below

Tell me, “What’s your favorite holiday taste?”

Mine’s GIN…

That’s what time with the family makes me crave!

Now if you can’t wait for another second, you can purchase the set from Fiasco Gelato’s ‘Test Kitchen’ located at A20 416 Meridian Rd. S.E!

They will also be out with their food truck and will have the sets on hand or they’ll scoop you an individual pint of your favorite for $10.

This is a Host/Hostess or personal gift that will not go un-noticed!

I’m in seasonal love!

Mr. Fab  lato

  1. Hey Mr. Fab! My fave Holiday taste is definitely chocolate and peppermint combined! That dark chocolate peppermint flavour sounds amaaaazing!!

  2. My Favorite Holiday Flavor is Definitely Gingerbread. The smell of cinnamon and nutmeg in the house is incredible!

  3. Hot Chocolate and Baileys is definitely a favorite holiday treat! Can’t wait to cozy up in my stretchy pants on a cold night and drink some baileys to warm me up 🙂

  4. Smell: William Sonoma’s amazing peppermint counter spray (I miss it it so much)!
    Taste: Anything sticky, creamy and chocolate!

  5. My favorite holiday taste is red wine poached pears with creme anglaise. The cinnamon undertones with the sweet pears simmered in the acid wine pair perfectly with the velvety smooth vanilla bean creme anglaise is the perfect holiday combo ( I’ll bring them for dessert for our dinner with a side if gelato 😉

  6. My favorite christmas flavour is my Grandmas’ Butter Tarts! Add to that an egg nog with spiced rum, OR a coffee with baileys and you’re set. Friggen delicious!

  7. Egg nog Nanaimo bars is the best holiday flavour… with maybe a little spiked peppermint mocha on the side!

  8. Not sure if this contest is still on, but those gelatos sound amazing! My favourite holiday taste is spearmint candy canes! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  9. Nothing beats Eggnog. Hands down, the most delicious taste to ever emerge from such a disgusting concept 😉 If we don’t win though, where can we find these holiday flavours Ryan? Do they have them at Fomoso? If so…that’s gonna be a problem.

  10. This giveaway is now closed.
    Randomly chosen was;

    Erin (comment above)
    My favorite christmas flavour is my Grandmas’ Butter Tarts! Add to that an egg nog with spiced rum, OR a coffee with baileys and you’re set. Friggen delicious!

    All I want is a Butter Tart now!

Looking forward to reading your comments!