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November 14, 2012

I love art, fashion, and parties… So when the invite came for ArtWear 2012, I was ready once again to put all my favourites into a blender and see what was to come out.

Last year, ArtWear was more than I expected; bad manners and high drama stole the focus away from the fashion, and I left underwhelmed and disappointed. Surely this year they would be on top of their game… And it was going to take more than just sweet deserts to woo me!

Then as the lights dimmed, we waited.
Oops technical difficulties, lights up… Stall the show.
The lights dimmed for the second time, the music was brought up and out came stumbling models catching their heels along the carpeted hotel floors.

Call me critical, but when have you ever seen a fashion show set on a carpeted hotel floor? Where was the smooth runway that would slow the models to a glide. I suppose I had expected to much.

Then the male models for Harry Singer hit the carpet.

With every boring suit I came closer and closer to heading to the washroom to end my misery; then it happened.

The shoes.

The dirty salt stained shoes that were clearly the models own personal shoes.

Really? … Really?

Suits priced in the thousands and then a pair of ratty $40 shoes?

I instantly became light headed and could focus on nothing else. Possibly my expectations have been set too high, but the basics weren’t even covered!

…That being said the event wasn’t without stellar highlights.

The ACAD students fashion show that kicked off the night was padded with majorly talented designs from students who understood the lines of art meeting fashion.

Interesting cuts, textures, and theatrical flair owned the runway.

And some of the student’s designs and amateur models trumped many of the seasoned veteran’s.

The after party also brought a very sophisticated element to the ‘Hollywood Glam’ theme that I had never seen at a party before.

A big band that set me back 5 decades into a time where life and parties were dripping with pure opulence.

And even though there was a ton of good memories which included amazing hair and makeup by Hedkandi and Artists Within, I will always remember the haunting salt stained shoes clomping down the brown carpeted runway.

You just about had it this year ArtWear.

Mr. Fab wear

  1. I think you should have vlogged this because I would really like to see you talking about the salt stained shoes. LOL What a shame! It reminds me of Prabal Gurung’s first fashion show which I was lucky enough to get an invite to…I was so distracted by how terrible the model’s toes were that I could barely enjoy the fact that I was at this amazing show seeing amazing clothes and celebrities everywhere. How could they allow open toed shoes and not demand manicured toes? And how could they not make sure the shoes fit instead of letting their toes hang over the ends? It was so disturbing!

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