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November 2, 2012

There are some pretty amazingly talented people living in Calgary and I was reminded of this again last night during two separate events.

Avenue Magazine Top 40 Under 4o: a list of our city’s finest, widdled down each year from hundreds and hundreds of nominees.

This year, to no surprise, we saw Connie and John of Charcut fame take two of the top spots. I have seen them at numerous events donating so much of their time; their kindness and talent put them in a league of their own.

And if it was any doubt that they were well appointed recipients, my second event last night, Fashion Portraits saw both of their photos on the wall mixed with other notables!

A unique portrait exhibition of the top 25 Calgarians supporting the cultural scene within Canada.

With so many great talents in our city, I was happy to be introduced to some I have never heard of before.

Thus was the case with Sophie Serafino.

Like Connie, this women is not only stunning, she is just as talented, but in a different field.

The Violin.

Words can not even begin to tell you the amount of talent this woman has!

She’s seriously got it all!

The night not only included some great talent… of course it had some pretty amazing sweets from Swirl Cakes!

Thanks to creative and detailed owner, Lynnette MacDonald, who has turned a sugary confection into an exquisite looking delight almost too good to eat… ALMOST!

I was lucky to be in such good company… And seeing so many talented people recognized has given me a lot strive for!

Congrats all!

Mr. Fab awards


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