Camp Booby

October 26, 2012

Last night a whole heck of a lot of hotties were out in support of Rethink Breast Cancer for Booby Ball’s 10th annual celebration;

Camp Booby

The 500 tickets sold out quickly and this one of a kind event was being held in the wilderness of Calgary’s Devonian Gardens.

This was not your ordinary camp, this one had running water and toilets that flush.

And although there was no lake in sight, I utilized what I had and dragged one of the kayaks into the fountain for a quick spin.

The amazing team who put this together really thought outside of the box and brought forward new ideas I had never seen at a party.

The event housed several interactive booths; one set up like the Camp Store was fully stocked with camp essentials. Glow Bracelets, Archie Comics, Camp Badges and Packets of gum for late night campfire rendezvous.

One of my favourite booths from the night was a video booth where you and your camp sweetheart could take a 7 second performance and turn it into an amazing flip book!

Now like any good camper I am a fan of the wiener, but this camp left out the preservative filled dog and instead supplied a steady stream of sweets!

I have to say, I was impressed with what the charity had put together.

As important as it is to donate and collect money, sometime the biggest success can be in the conversation. Creating an interesting and unique event like Camp Booby has certainly done that.

And if it werent enough to leave us with a fun-filled night we would never forget… Check out what was in the loot bag.

I can assure you this is one swag back I will never forget and a charity I will always remember to support!

Thanks for the creative and interesting evening!

Mr. Fab ooby


Looking forward to reading your comments!