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What to Wear Wednesday (Fall Shoe Design)

October 17, 2012

New season means new fashion and with Men’s fashion staying ‘same old same old’ I had to prowl the women’s dept looking for something interesting.

I decided to head straight for shoes and what I found was something that left me scratching my head!

Now maybe I just don’t understand women’s footwear so I’ll turn the votes over to you!

Lets start with this pair of platform Louboutins

Can anyone say Gaga?


Now with Winter coming I know boots are a popular footwear of choice, so here are a pair of Givenchy boots up for discussion.

These remind me of an elephant trunk sucking on a human leg.

So what do you think?


Style is a choice and I guess I leave that choice up to the fashionista who wears them!

Mr. Fab footwear


Looking forward to reading your comments!