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Visual Marketing for Diesel

September 10, 2012

One of my first jobs was working in retail. New shipments would come in, and opening the boxes was more exciting than Christmas morning.

I did it all; stock, sales, management, but my favourite role was visuals, and back in the 90’s a good visual display was all the rage!

Now, as each year passes, window display continue to be piled with cardboard cutouts and oversized posters.

A cheap visual junkyard.

Has the art of the display died!? For most companies it has, but there are some who have kept the creativity alive, and my top example that continues to impress me with original concepts each season is Diesel.

And this company has done it all. From smashed dishes to life-sized stuffed human dolls, their windows have always impressed me.

This season they introduced this giant marquee lighting which offered the playful whimsy of a nautical carnival. 

The theme of their windows is also a good representation of the current fashion trends you’ll find inside. Their quality of visual is also a key indicator of the quality of their merchandise!

I have been impressed with the ingenuity of Diesel and always find myself excited and surprised which each conceptual turnover!

Keep wowing’ me Diesel, you’ve done a good job so far!

Mr. Fab eisel


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