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Lady Bunny’s 50th Birthday Roast

August 20, 2012

Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m currently on a whirl-wind birthday vacation!
My first stop, NYC to celebrate one of the world’s most notable drag icons, Lady Bunny, for her 50th birthday.

Now this queen pulled out all the stops and some of the raunchiest celebrities were there to give her the roasting of her life; and this was not a ‘G-Rated’ roast!


As Bunny took the stage, the host for the evening had this to say:

You’re turning 50!! Really?… Where did you live for the first 30 years you old troll?!”

Things were off to a good start.

As the procession of talent took the stage, the heat kept rising, then the wicked witch of them all, Joan Rivers, had a turn via video message from her set of ‘Fashion Police’.


Now for my family style readers, you may want to stop here. Because if you’ve ever seen this old bat in action on Fashion Police, you know she’s got a sharp tounge!

Here was her Birthday Roast:

“Your face is so ugly that when you look down at your penis you don’t even need to tuck!”

“We all know you love your Latinos, but your a**hole has had more Mexicans in it than a dish-washing station!”

This woman was on fire.

The night ended with a group performance by Bunny and her friends.

I was lucky to see one of the most iconic ‘women’ of NYC having her ass served to her that night on a silver platter!

For my special day, I think I’ll just stick to a serving (or two) of cake!

Mr. Fab unny

  1. Have a Happy Birthday Mr. Fab! Hope your day is filled with gifts from strangers and bacon flavoured cupcakes!

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