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Famous Fridays (Raja)

August 17, 2012

This season on Ru Paul’s Drag Race some of the ‘runners up’ are back… in an ‘All Star’ season. While some of these queens should have been crowned during the first go, some of the other squirrels are being brought back for pure entertainment purposes… *Cough, Mimi Imfirst, cough* … Excuse me…

But this story isn’t about queens re-fluffing their wigs for second chance at the crown, it’s about the one that has already joined the winners circle, season 3 winner Raja.

Now Raja might look a little bit familiar to some of you who have never watched Drag Race and that’s because when she is a he, he is a makeup artist, and was on several seasons of America’s Next Top Model.

The next thing you know, he disappeared from that show… and when he popped up again, she was plucked and pantied!

A very talented makeup artist and also a very talented drag performer.

It was amazing to see her live and in person in Palm Springs.

With all that heat, any girl that can keep her face from melting deserves a crown!

Mr. Fab ja

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