Pick your Gift with Lancôme

August 16, 2012

I’m a real sucker for a gift with purchase, seriously! Once, I bought a bottle of Barefoot Wine just so I could have the floaty foam keychain that was attached to the neck of the bottle!

What was I going to do with this? I don’t live anywhere near a beach, was I going to go swimming in my bath tub with my keys!?

Most times I am swayed by a G with P that is utter garbage, But times are a’changing and starting tomorrow, Friday August 17th, Lancôme in Holt Renfrew is offering up a pretty exclusive wicked gift with purchase!


Here’s what I love about this promo and what sets it a part from any other product line’s perk.

This one is completely customizable and YOU make all the choices!

First select your serum, then your moisturizing regiment, follow it up by choosing an eyeshadow pallet that suits you best, add a makeup remover or their famous mascara and finally pick the bag you want to put it in!

This gift has a value that exceeds $200, but it’s yours free with just a $50 spend; pretty swanky!

But it gets one step better…

As readers of Mr.Fab, for the next 7 days, if you go in and see my girl Ivy at Holt Renfrew Calgary and tell her I sent you, she will add in 1 extra surprise to your kit!

So if you’re in need of some great skin care or some new makeup, Lancôme is the way to go!

You’ll feel supple-ly soft and fresh faced!

Mr. Fab côme

  1. As a fellow sucker for a ‘G with P’, I would be all over this if I was in Calgary! Love Lancôme & this is a fabulous gift that is more than worth making a purchase for!!!

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