Truth or Dare Fringe?

August 6, 2012

Some folks say, “There’s nothing to do in this city!” … Having traveled so many places around Canada and the world… This is a standard phrase I’ve heard many times about Calgary.

But trust me, there is always something fun or interesting to enjoy no matter where you live!

The art scene is vibrant in most cities and this week, August 3rd-11th, Calgary is especially artsy; It’s the Calgary Finge Festival!

This year’s festival has some great new shows and on Friday I decided to take in ‘Truth or Dare?’ an improv style show that takes the hosts, Lindsay Mullan and Jamie Northan, on an adventure of portraying some of their darkest and most hilarious secrets.

The great thing about a improvised show like this is that you can go see it multiple times and never see the same ‘show’ twice. And because the scene changes every 5 minutes or less, it keeps your attention very well.

On opening night the performers picked out a couple from the audience and brought them on stage. They then attempted to portray their relationship through an improvised scene. The couple was given a horn to ‘honk’ when the performers where getting it wrong and a bell to ‘ding’ when they were getting it right!

I know it may not make sense reading it, but I think the success of that scene was noted by the actors and hopefully they will close with the idea every night! The hilarity of the one scene alone was worth the low $15 ticket price!

So instead of sitting at home with your sour face on, check out the calendar of the Fringe and take in a show or two.

Nothing makes a better date night than laughter and live theatre!

Mr. Fab ringe


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