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My Date with Paul Brandt!

August 3, 2012

I recently had one of the best days of my blog life!

A day where I had to stop and say… “How am I so fortunate?”

Starting my blog I never imagined I would be treated to so much kindness. My purpose was to write, and gain some followers with the hope that I could make at least one person smile a day.

Things have been so great that I often find myself with the biggest smile!

During the Calgary Stampede I was a part of some pretty awesome adventures and stories, but this is a story about an opportunity that stole the show!

The highlight for me each year at the ‘Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth’ has got to be the TransAlta Young Canadians Grandstand Show.

Each night hundreds of individual performers take the stage with an amazing display of commitment and talent. The show, which is literally produced and rehearsed for an entire year, also contains a pretty spectacular fireworks show and always features a musical artist who steals the show.

This year the most awarded male Canadian Country Music artist in history, Paul Brandt astounded the crowd!

Now, I have never been a huge fan of Country Music but there is something about Mr. Brandt’s music that has got me hooked!

So you can only imagine my excitement when I was offered a chance meeting with the star who enamoured the entire audience each night!

Nervous as all heck, the final details were all worked out and I was being given the opportunity to not only meet Paul Brandt, but to partake in some very exciting carnival action with him!

Now because Paul is one of the nicest guys I have ever met in my entire life, I will never be too sure if he ‘threw’ the game to let me win or not…

I was able to have a really nice candid conversation with Paul who took the time to get to know me first. He is the only celebrity I have ever met who was genuinely interested in getting to know the person who they were talking to.

I asked him about his life prior to major success and asked for the story how he met his wife Elizabeth. He shared a funny and sweet story about meeting the love of his life, I could tell he was just as in love with her in that moment as he was when he met her 14 years earlier.

Before we parted ways, I left him with three questions. Something new to share with his fans, things you don’t know about Paul Brandt;

1. “What’s your favorite fair food?”


2. Is there a song you secretly sing in the shower that no one knows about?

Yes, it’s ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’

3. What is something that people wouldn’t expect from you?

I live in a 100-year-old house with a lot of things that need fixing, but I’m not very handy”

Armed with my new cowboy hat and a memory I’ll never forget of an amazing artist, it was time to part ways.

Having a play date with such an amazingly talented performer and genuinely nice guy, made this the best day of my blog life thus far!

Mr. Fab randt

  1. Truthfully Paul Brandt isn’t exactly my style BUT here’s something else that makes him pretty impressive: at the beginning of sixth grade, there was a really awful school bus accident and one of the boys in my year died. I didn’t know him since it was at the beginning of the school year, but Paul Brandt was his favourite singer, and he came to our school and played a set. It was probably one of the saddest things I’ve ever witnessed but I think it meant the world to the boy’s friends and family. xo

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