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Mr.Fab Does Runway!

August 2, 2012

Growing up I always dreamt of making the pages of the top fashion magazines, my face marketing for some of the top designers. A dream that is still in the making!

Something I never saw myself doing was walking the runway. But when the request was made for me to partake in the CORE Stampede Style Fashion Show, I jumped at the chance to finally test out all of my ‘Naomi’ moves and strut my stuff!

The CORE rounded up some pretty amazing and gorgeous local celebrities that were slated to walk after the professional models booked from Sophia.

As the date closed in on me my nerves kicked in; “What was I thinking?” I wasn’t runway ready!

So I decided to turn to my girl Miss. Jay and watch endless hours of ANTM… this was now my teacher!

The day of, an early morning rehearsal and some encouragement from the pros, I started to regain my confidence.

The time had come, and armed with an amazing ‘FAB’ take on stampede style, I was ready to show the crowd a small town boy can do, and be, anything he wants to be!

Although I don’t think I will be requested to stomp the runways of NY Fashion Week anytime soon, I am glad I got do it… If only to see it’s one occupation that’s best left to the professionals!

Walk, walk, fashion, baby

Work it, move that thing, crazy

Mr. Fab shion

 photos by Tye Carson

Looking forward to reading your comments!