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Buckin’ Breakfast Bucked Me Bad!

July 19, 2012

Last week was year number 2 for the famed Buckin’ Breakfast.

You might remember that last year I was asked to join the ‘team’ with a bunch of women who were up to no good and looking for trouble.

From what I can recall of the event last year, I had a good time. Although I do remember fleeing the scene mid afternoon.

This year I was going to make it the WHOLE day!

So I awoke at 7:30am and donned my team Giddy Up shirt.

Smart enough to leave my car at home, I was transported in silence. During that time I reviewed the game plan in my head!

“Pace yourself, a wee drink with breakfast, you’ll be fine!”

But as soon as I walked into the Westin all sensibility left and I was suddenly standing face to face with the bartender!

“A pitcher please!” I hollered

Things were off to a bad start, my game plane was de-railed and things were about to get messy.

As I rolled up to the table I was greeted by one of the lead gang members and a welcoming gift was presented to me…

Squirt guns filled with vodka.

This is pretty much where the story ends.

Next thing I can recall I was in a party bus and I was ‘in-transit’

As I reached into my cargo pocket to retrieve my phone to call for help, I instead pulled out a handful of shooters and some party nut mix.

I had suddenly turned into everyone’s best friend.

As the bus came to a stop I hauled butt like I was in a heated game of ‘Red Rover’ and fled across the parking lot.

My day had ended and I had called in back up for a safe ride home.

Ohhh Buckin’ Breakfast, you may have won again this year, but I have started to formulate a plan for next year!

Mr. Fab reakfast


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