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Rouge & White and Everything in Between!

July 6, 2012

A day before Stampede takes control of the city and there is one last fabulous non-western themed affair!

Rouge and White

A ‘Carnival’ themed charity event in support of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute.

I love going to events that support and shed light onto important matters such as the ones the HBI works with. Their constant efforts and studies are focused on helping cure brain diseases and keep our minds in tip-top shape for the rest of our lives.

Being a part of such great experiences, I appreciate everything they do. I can’t image loosing all the great memories I make every day.

And this party certainly was one of them!

There were celebrity chefs like Connie DeSousa (and team), from Top Chef Canada fame, cooking up some delicious Corn Dogs.

And these were no midway regular wieners. Low fat Turkey mixed with pistachios, dipped in deliciousness and deep-fried till they were golden brown and rid of all heathy qualities. Smothered in spicy mustard, I ate about 8!

Next I decided to go directly to the fat source itself and skip the ‘deep fry’ middle man.

Braised Pork Belly with a touch of cilantro to humor the healthy bunch!

If you’ve never tried pork belly, I recommend you don’t. It may sound disgusting but trust me, it is the most decadent mouthful you’ll ever have and you wont be able to stop!!

To wash it all down I hit up the bar for endless rounds of house made Sangria and between glasses, polished off several of these;

No ordinary snow cone, in place of the sugary ‘non beneficial’ syrup was liquor!

Limoncello and Blue Curacao brought this snow to life!

Then as I circled the room in hopes of chocolate cake, something better came my way;

Mini Churros and what I think was Hot Chocolate. What ever it was, I tossed back a baker’s dozen!

Of course food and drink wasn’t the only highlight, this party had everything! Stilt Walker, Jugglers, Taro Card Readers and this;

A Face Painter!

I met these two good-looking guys on the way out. The one on the right, Brad, I found out was ‘newly’ single… Sadly this carnival didn’t have a kissing booth or I’m sure it would have been lined up for him.

So if anyone is single, girl or guy (he didn’t specify), drop me a line and I’ll see if I can track this guy down for a date!

I told you this party had everything!

Even a Match Maker!

Mr. Fab maker


Looking forward to reading your comments!