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Tasty Tuesday (Pop-tarts)

June 26, 2012

With another trip to the USA comes another round of disappointment of products we can not purchase here in Canada.

This time, the Pop-tart

Back in the day, these little numbers where dry and frosting free; 4 flavours, I ended up pulling them apart just lick out the jammy goodness.

But now over 100 flavors have made their way on and off the market.

However in Canada you would have never known… we are still shafted with the boring flavours and lets not even talk about the now discontinued Hello Kitty Meowberry, I’m certain that would have been my favourite.

So what’s on the shelves in America now that you’ve never seen?

If there is one thing I love more than breakfast, it would be cookies and cakes.

And now there’s nothing is stopping me now from stowing ‘cookie dough’ underneath my bed! These puppies are wrapped and sealed to with stand a nuclear bomb.

But a cake… that’s pretty tall… how would I get one of those under there without disturbing the frosting?

They put the majority of it on the inside… underneath the bed you go!

With this next one I seriously got the carnival ‘dizzies’ when I saw it!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ….

No more wasted melted ice cream dripping down my hand. These are even more delicious than an ice cream sandwich when you store them in the freezer.

Now if you don’t plan on eating your entire daily caloric intake before 7am then you might be a fan of these little guys.

Pop-Tarts Mini Crips in Brown Sugar Cinnamon

1 bag, 100 calories and small enough to sneak in to the movie theatre.

Each little nubbin is individually glazed for maximum deliciousness!

Some times I  think I should buy all this stuff and open my own ‘Fab Supermarket’ for the Canadian masses.

One day I’ll just throw a party and let y’all go through my cupboards!

Mr. Fab tarts


  1. I would most definitely shop the Fab Supermarket! I love shopping in the states but like you get the most excited when we hit the grocery store to search out all kinds of new things. Its just not fair! Last time the score was a Mounds ice cream bar- coconut ice cream with the most delicious dark chocolate shell. To die for!

Looking forward to reading your comments!