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Pop Your Peepers

June 20, 2012

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again;

I owe a big part of my success to my readers.

Your support has helped grow my brand and with that has come a lot of perks, many of which I’ve already passed on to you.

A few weeks ago I received a mystery box in the mail…

It was from my friends over at Noir Lash Lounge.

A fantastic spa with locations in BC and Calgary.

In the past they have given away full sets of lashes to my readers and now, with their successes, they have just launched 10 new false eyelash sets!

With great names like ‘Flirty Little Secret’ and ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’, they’ve got the perfect pair for any of your occasions. ($11.99/pair)

However if I were ever to even attempt to wear falsies, I am more than certain I would glue my eyes right shut;

So I would like to pass on the pairs to my readers… and I want to start with my top supporters!

4 of the 10 pairs will be mailed to the people who have commented the most on my blog over the past year;

Megan M, Janice, Foodlova, and Bernice.

And another 3 pairs to the ones who have Tweeted me most often;

@super_su,  @miranda_russell, and @cookskorner

You’ve all been so good to me!

Of course there are many more people who I hear from often and I appreciate all that interaction too, so I want to make sure you get something!

I have 3 pairs left and I’ll make it simple to score a pair…

If you’re one of my regular readers, you’re probably reading this right now, so if you want a set of lashes just post a comment below and I’ll send the first 3 people to respond a set of falsies in the mail too.

That easy!

Thanks for always reading and sharing me with your friends!

Mr. Fab lashes

  1. Fire me some of them lashes! Lauren will love them (and you) and I’ll promise to post more often!

  2. I woke a pair of fake eyelashes once for halloween. i did have trouble with the glue and they were glow in the dark and freaked me right out when I went into a dark room! I like some of the “softer” pairs =!

  3. Oh well colour me excited!!!! I’ll be the prettiest girl at bingo Saturday night! Thanks Mr. Fab!

Looking forward to reading your comments!