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Disney SEA

June 14, 2012

A few weeks ago I completed my trek to visit all the Disney Parks in the world.

California, Florida, Hong Kong, Paris, and finally Japan

For the most part, all the parks are fairly similar. “It’s a Small World”, “Pirates of the Caribbean“, and the “Haunted Mansion” grace them all.

In Paris, the park is rundown and un-kept; in Hong Kong the park is empty like a ghost town; and in the USA manners are urban legend.

But in Japan, Disney Sea had a few surprises that were unique to the franchise… And the guests in the park? the most well-mannered of them all!

There are seven uniquely themed areas or “ports of call” in the park. The entrance to the park is Mediterranean Harbor, which opens up to six more nautically themed ports: American Waterfront, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, and Mysterious Island

My favorite being Mysterious Island, which contained the ride ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’.

Sadly the thrill roller coaster was down for repair so it will always be ‘mysterious’ to me!

But over at Port Discovery they had ‘Aquatopia’a cross between the tilt-a-whirl and bumper boats.

Every boat would take a different path through the water at a high-speed. Just when you’d least expect it the boat would whip you into a spin so tight that your hair would come out curly.

After an extended run through the water your vessel would pull back up to the dock and dump you out!

The best part of the entire park was that all the rides where larger, longer and in pristine condition compared to all the other parks; all the people visiting were so calm cool and collected.

And don’t even get me started on their version of a parade!

It made for an amazing 12 hours at the park!

Thanks Disney Sea for upping my expectations of a world-class park!

Mr Fab sea

  1. I’m really jealous! I went to Tokyo Disneyland, but Disney SEA was a separate ticket that I couldn’t afford to buy (I was 16). I really wanted to go on some of the rides that were at SEA but not at the vanilla Disney land.

    Unlike you that was my first ever trip to a Disney resort and actually preferred the amusements at Fuji-Q highlands which had the best roller-coaster I had ever been on.

  2. I’m not really a parade guy, but Disney Sea’s water parade was off the wall. When it was over I felt like I had just gotten off a technicolor rollercoaster on acid.

  3. hi, i’m going to disney tokyo next month. does disney sea have night parade like disney land? and will they end the day with fireworks separately? i’m asking since i plan to visit both in 2days but the second day only have time until 5 pm. so need to decide which park for the 1st n 2nd day. i will be much grateful with ur advice. thanks

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