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19th Annual Big Rock Eddies

June 6, 2012

Superheroes, Manly Men, Neon Mohawks and endless amounts of some of the best tasting beer in the world… shared with a rooster!

Welcome to the 19th Annual Big Rock Eddies!

Once again I was lucky enough to be given a ticket to one of the hottest, and immediately sold out, events of the year.

A place where regular Joes can become award-winning commercial writers and producers; and the first prize of $10,000 isn’t to shaby!

This is one of the most exciting events of the year and armed with my favourite fellow blogger JES, we tossed back a few at a private party and then headed inside to see the ‘Circus’ that we have come to expect from the Eddies!

The competition this year was heated, as hundreds of submissions were widdled down to 18 finalists. There were some personal favourites (like the “Party Pandas”) and some flops that made me question if the judges had a few too many pints (“Frog Prince”).

And although the 1st place winner “Everything is Better On Ice” by Scott Irwin clearly deserved the 1st place title, I believe it should have been split with Chuck Gordon, Luke Wojakowski and Adam Grisack who took the ‘shared’ 3rd place victory.

Here’s their video and my top pick of the night:

Eddie Taphands

After the awards were all given out I had a chance to talk with the ‘6 foot handsome giants’, that all the girls were drooling over, to congratulate them. And in a moment of jealousy and lust for their ‘Eddie’, I tried to swipe it!

Oh Big Rock, you throw one heck of a party… and as Bob Sartor, the CEO of Big Rock says;

“Good drunk always feels better when it supports charity!”

Thanks for doing the right thing!

Mr. Fab runk!


Looking forward to reading your comments!