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What’s Your Stampede Style?

June 4, 2012

With the Calgary Stampede quickly approaching it’s time to show this city YOUR Stampede Style; it could win you a $10,000.00 prize which includes a $5,000 shopping spree from CORE Shopping.

It’s the 100 days of Stampede Style Contest

Come on cowgirls let’s kick it up this year and ditch the denim shorty shorts and the over-done tied up ‘Daisy Duke’ plaid button up!

And guys… I’m a big fan of your buckles, the bigger the better, but there are a ton of other clothing options that still keep you in Stampede style!

So think modern and show them what you’ve got; you could be strutting the grounds with a fresh new wardrobe!

Of course you’re going to have to top my entry to win… which shouldn’t be hard. Here is the ‘look’ I’ve submitted.

Over at H&M I found this great denim tunic. Sure, if I mix it with a pair of ‘jeggings’ I’ll be looking like Khloe Kardashian, but I took it in another direction.

I ditched the tight jeans, cause denim on denim is a sick choice anyways, and I coloured it up; after all this is summer and it’s time to tan the ham-hocks!

Finish it with your choice of deck shoe, Sperry or Toms, minus the socks (we’re not Americans) and your look is complete.

So think outside the box, toss on ‘modern Stampede style’ and submit a photo on CORE Shopping’s Facebook !

Contest closes June 15th and if you win… Fab needs a new bandana… Hermes preferably!!

Mr. Fab -hoo!


Looking forward to reading your comments!