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What to Wear Wednesday (San Fran Bam!)

May 30, 2012

I love daring fashion on guys; ones who literally can take runway to streetwear.

In San Francisco this week I managed to find the one guy who was clean shaven, but it wasn’t his smooth face that made me take notice, it was his amazing style.

Jimmy Chen, who turned out to be as wild and exciting as his fashion, started our conversation by asking me if I was a ‘Rice Queen’ because I wanted to photograph him.

After I assured him my mouth was watering only for his Pradas, he let me snap a few more photos…

This was a fabulous guy who was wearing a ‘Pacitti’, a name I have given for any top adorned with a flouncy bow… But this was not any bow.

Not only did this fashionista have great style, he must have had deep pockets in order to rock this great top from Lanvin.

Dizzy with brand overload, I didn’t even dare ask where the shorts and belt were from; one can only assume they weren’t from H&M!

It was amazing meeting you Jimmy, you were a vision of greys with a very colourful personality!

Mr Fab queen


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