Lunchbox Laboratory

May 28, 2012

Thank goodness for getting lost in a strange city because this week when I took a wrong turn in Seattle I stumbled upon a major foodie score!

Lunchbox Laboratory!

Like a fly to a zapper, the neon lights first got my attention… And any company that advertises “Where six pieces of Bacon is just average!” has got to be worth a visit.

The word Laboratory is the perfect way to describe the unique and original combinations that were littered throughout the menu. As for the lunchbox… homey food but with a twist!

I started with the Pepper Jack Mac

What looked like a small portion contained more cheese than a dairy isle at the grocery store. So thick and creamy I could only eat half of it.

For my next appy I decided on something a little more original; Hong Kong Hot Wings.

Slow cooked buffalo chicken breast, pulled apart, tossed in cream cheese, blue cheese and green onions all stuffed into wanton. Finish it up in the deep fryer and served with a side of celery ranch; it was an explosion of deliciousness like nothing I have ever eaten before!

Continuing on with the deep-fried theme, I spied Mini Corn Dogs on the menu.

With Stampede still a month away and a need for a fair food fix, these all beef dogs where more plump and juicy than any I have ever ordered from a carnie shack. And scrap the mustard, these came with a black pepper mustardaise.

Now it was on to the main course and the specialty on the menu was burgers… And not just boring burgers! You can order these with toppings like ‘brown sugar kissed marsala onions ‘or ‘truffle mayo’, but for me…. I wanted the bacon!

With so much bacon it was hard to tell if they had even included the burger and bun; I had definitely got more than what their sign promised.

Of course being the glutton that I am not only did I get my meal with a side of sweet potato fries but I couldn’t just stop there!

The Gabacho’s Nachos

A heaping pile of crispy tater tots, smothered in cheese, crumbled bacon, green onions, drizzled with sour cream and Satan’s Tears ketchup.

At this exact moment you’re probably searching out the application form for ‘The Biggest Loser’  for me… And rightfully so because I hate to tell you, but I still wasn’t done with the menu.

I’ve decided to save the best for last!

The Milkshakes!

First up; the Almond Joy.

All I can tell you is that they may as well have cut out the middle man and tossed 14 candy bars into the blender and saved some time. But this shake tasted better than the real deal!

Made with vanilla ice cream, chocolate ganache, shredded coconut and almonds, hands down this was the best milkshake I have EVER had in my life and I am certain nothing will ever come close to topping it!

As I started to slide out of the booth and on to the floor, the server had come back despite his better judgement. As I started to black out from the over eating, I was able to muster out two last words;

“Drunken Elvis”

One last milkshake; this time with booze.

Vanilla ice-cream, graham crackers, peanut butter, banana, with a test tube spike of Malibu Banana, Absolute Vanilla and Baileys.

As I slowly drifted out of consciousness I could hear the faint sound of ambulance sirens drawing near.

At that moment I knew everything was going to be ok and I would make it to see another meal!

Thanks for the amazing binge,

You are officially the #1 restaurant I have ever visited!

Mr. Fab oratory


Looking forward to reading your comments!