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McSorley’s Resto-lounge Opens

May 23, 2012
To cover this opening I called on a friend and reader Jasmine 
to find me the highlight of this new resturant.

When my friend Mr. Fab asked me to go on his behalf to a new opening, I of course agreed full heartedly!

McSorley’s is a new resto-lounge in Chinook Mall where the old East Side Mario’s used to be.

My guest and I were welcomed with a glass of bubbles and friendly faces. From there we had a look around the space.

McSorley’s, although not very big, is completely new with a gorgeous fireplace, ornate wood ceilings, rock laid walls and fantastic lighting. We chose to sit at the bar to see all the action take place. There were passed foods and stationary tables full of more food.

We were able to taste a wide variety of food that would be on the menu and although I found most of it average and a bit over-priced, there was one highlight of the night…

The pizza bar! A place where you could make your dinner exactly what you wanted it to be!

Thanks McSorley’s for the great night, considering the amount of guests that where there, your service was amazing… and thank you Mr. Fab for another great invite!

Miss Jas Fab


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