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Smashburger opens in Canada!

May 15, 2012

Up until a few weeks ago, Canada was choking back ‘ordinary’ burgers, but now that Smashburger‘s first location has opened in our country, things have taken a turn for the better!

Last week I received a generous email from the Founder & Managing Partner, Tom Ryan, inviting me and a reader to be the very first to sample the entire menu.

And although we only ordered 1 meal each, a very proud Tom insisted that we try it all.  And why wouldn’t he be proud, the food was amazing!

So what’s the secret behind SMASHBURGER’s success?… Quality and a special way they cook that 100% certified Angus beef!

To find out their secrets I had to head to the kitchen!

The beef is uniquely ‘bowl’ cut fresh each morning, a process no other Canadian company uses, balled and refrigerated while it awaits its turn to be ‘smashed’!

With the grill heated an order comes in for a ‘Calgary’ burger.

First I paint the grill with butter then SMASH the meatball on the grill for 10 seconds with a special ‘smashing’ tool they’ve developed.

The smashing of the meatball mixed with the butter creates a caramelized sear on the bottom of the burger.

I season the burger and just as the meat starts to percolate, I flip it to keep all the juices in!

3 minutes on the grill and I’m ready for an array of delicious toppings.

Grilled Onions, Pepper Jack Cheese, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and Dijon-Mayonnaise all on a fresh Artisan bun;

The ‘Calgary’ is complete;

This is a burger you can taste in every bite!

Back to my table, the parade of food begins.

Burgers with a side of Smashfries ($2.49) tossed in rosemary, olive oil, and garlic

Mushroom Poutine ($3.99) complete with portobello mushrooms and cheese curds.

Veggie Frites, flash fried carrots and green beans.

And the crown jewel….

Deep fried pickles!

All so fantastically delicious; and with the option of 11 sides, trust me it’s not easy to leave any untested!

This company has so many amazing qualities that it’s sure to succeed;

4 Artisan bun choices, 16 free sauces and topping, 6 cheese options and 9 premium add ons, this burger will be all YOU!

To wash it all down, a Mackays milkshake ($4.99)

Or stop by the illuminated ‘TEA’ bar for a unique beverage experience.

And luckily for us drunks, Smashburger is also licensed and includes local beers for only $4.00!

I don’t know that this place could get any better!

Good luck SB and welcome to Canada!

Mr. Fab burger

  1. I checked their website, no gluten free bun or even lettuce wrap options and they flour their fries. This is a chain restaurant from the past. They won’t last. People expect more than just another burger and fry joint.

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