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Saskatchewan Fashion Week in Review

May 14, 2012

I’ve had the good fortune of being invited to cover numerous fashion shows around Canada and the US.

The best of the shows being Diesel’s Spring/Summer collection shown in an old armory.

And at the bottom of the list, Vancouver Fashion Week.

So when I received the invite to cover the very first Saskatchewan Fashion Week… I was interested to see how it would fare against the much larger cities.

Prior to even making it to Regina, where the show was to be held, I received several comments and tweets that where quite disrespectful and nasty. No belief that the city, in which I was born and raised, could pull off a successful fashion event if it didn’t include “Roughrider Crocs and Zubaz Pants”

Well the event organizers of SK Fashion Week certainly proved all those naysayers wrong!

The event was everything and more than I even imagined it would be. Downtown in the heart of the city, where the mayor has certainly revamped the community, stood 2 medium-sized white tents.

It was reminiscent of a NYC Bryant Park Fashion Show.

The first tent, a swag lounge, had delicious food from a local restaurant and several vendors that were there to help beautify the crowd. Myst Hair, one of the vendors, offered free primps… And although my date Sacha already looked great, I insisted she give it a go!

“Real Housewife” ready, we grabbed a cocktail and hit the main tent. An intimate version of much larger shows I had been to; no matter where you sat, you felt front row.

Now my invite instructed, that as media, I was standing room only; a sad cry from the VIP treatment I have received at other events, but in true FAB style I threw the rules out the window and grabbed a 3rd row seat.

The night was broken into 3 sections;

Retail on the Runway

Emerging Designers

Established Designers

The show opened with Colin O’Brian Man Shoppe, which to my delight wowed me with perfectly styled outfits including a great way to wear blazers with shorts.

A look I can’t wait to rock!

On to the Emerging Designers and my standout for the entire show;

Nadia Williamson

She not only brought beautiful tailoring and bright seasonal fashions to the runway, she also showed some of the most interesting , unique and completely wearable fashions as well.

If this is just a taste of what she can do as an ‘Emerging Designer’ I have no doubts she will be one of the most successful Canadian fashion stars of the future.

As the night moved into Established designers, I found their collections piecey and a far cry from what I imagined I’d see.

Lace dresses from Natalia K with hanging straps still attached and visible through the bodice.

To a knit line from Laura Kapp that missed its mark by a generation.

I hate to bag on any of the designers but if you’re going to send your garments down the runway they should be fashion forward and buyer ready.

When I see loose threads, pulled seams on silk, Heels with Tags and even Birkenstocks coming down the runway… I’m going to have something to say!

But all said and done the overall quality production of this event should put SK Fashion Week on the Map

Before I end, I have two other notable mentions of the night;

First off, to Edge Models, who actually booked me my very first modeling gig, for the beautifully talented models walking down the runway. I was in love with all your boys, they are some of the highest quality models I have seen on a runway.

I also appreciate the fact that you didn’t use all cookie-cutter boys.

 Edge Model Bryce

And lastly a big Thankyou to the friendly people of Regina. I felt very included by everyone at the show; You were very approachable, warm and social.

Your personal style was amazing and you’ve given me a challenge to step up my fashion game just to compete with you.

 DNA Apparels Troy Anthony & Brett Drouin with Chelsae Troy

Well done!

So for all those who have something negative to say about Regina… Let’s see what YOU’VE got!

Mr. Fab atchewan

 For additional photos and credits please refer to FB
  1. Awesome! Great to see Saskatchewan showing the world there is more to it than fields and farmers (not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Looking forward to reading your comments!