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National Coconut Cream Pie Day TODAY!

May 8, 2012

Happy Coconut Cream Pie Day!!

Seriously, I don’t know who comes up with these ‘National’ holidays but when it comes to food, I don’t fight it!

So to get the best Coconut Cream Pie I decided to hope a plane to Seattle to a place I have heard so much about… A place that claims the title of the ‘Best Cream Pie’ in America.

Dahlia Bakery

After sussing out a cream pie vendor and reading 100’s of Yelp reviews, they all had one thing in common and this was the place to be!

As I strolled into the very unassuming bakery, no bigger then a breadbox, I was welcomed by two female staff who must have seen pie in my eyes… They knew what I was there for.

My pupils dilated and became fixed on a $35 Triple Coconut Cream Pie

As I places my order for the pie and a fork, they tried to dissuade me and offer me a much more sensible ‘Pie Bite’ for $2.5o

After pleading with the girls we settled on a ‘slice’ of the BIG pie.

Now I’m not sure what the price was because I pretty much blacked out as she scooped it into the box, so I handed her my wallet as I snatched my ‘to-go’ container, I had full intentions on eating it before I made it the 3 feet out the door.

So was this pie worthy of the trip and the bigger question;

Will this be the Coconut Cream Pie I will be celebrating my ‘National Holiday’ with?”


This pie is so dense its like snacking on a rolled up, damp sport sock but without the funk!

It’s not overly sweet,  you can taste and see the fresh shredded coconut throughout.

The cream is thick and rich, not filled with sugar like a ‘store bought’, you can tell this is made from whole quality ingredients!

And don’t even get me stated on the hand pressed crust.. I just got dizzy thinking about it!

Today Dahlia Bakery will be celebrating this ‘National Holiday’ with their pie bites for $2.00 a pop. Trust me, I’ll be there getting a box!

So find your locals best and get your eat on!

Mr. Fab onut cream pie


Looking forward to reading your comments!