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A Mother’s Day Giveaway!

May 3, 2012

This contest is going to impress a very lucky Mom this May 13th!

Mother’s Day

Last week, thanks to the temporary pop-up shop in Holt Renfrew, I stumbled upon DAVIDs TEA and the most delicious blends of loose leaf teas I have ever sipped!

The company boasts “Tea should be fun!” and with that they have traveled the world sourcing premium loose leaf teas, creating exclusive blends, and offering crazy stuff like matcha lattes and tea martini kits.

Now you and your Mom can be having great conversation over fabulous tea on Mothers Day.

David, (Yes there really is a David!), is offering a chance for one of my lucky readers to win an AMAZING prize to gift to your mother on May 13th.

3 beautiful tins of tea (exclusive picks for Mothers Day) and a Perfect Glass Mug.

The teas include (click on them to read more about their unique taste):

and you’ll be able to steep them in this ingenious glass tumbler!

Not only is this some of the best tea I have ever tasted, I have been wow’d every time I have visited the stores, which are located all across Canada; there are even two in Manhattan which I’m sure have impressed those New Yorkers!

As always you’ll have two ways to enter;

#1 Tweet the following;

A great gift for Mothers Day; Unique and delicious teas from @DAVIDsTEA and @immrfabulous is giving it away!!


#2 Comment Below

Tell me “What is your favorite taste in a tea blend?”

The winner will be randomly chosen this weekend so there is enough time to ship out your gift!

And for the rest of my readers who don’t win this prize (including myself), make your way into a DAVIDs TEA… your mother is going to love it!

Mr. Fab tea

  1. OMG! A fellow FA brought David’s tea on our red eye flt and it was amaaaazing!!! I love green teas, and anything with tropical blends! That glass mug is fantastic!

  2. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE earl grey tea. And David’s tea blend Cream of Earl Grey is THE best. Earl grey and vanilla. Holy yum!!!!

  3. I love David’s Teas, Jesse’s Tea is my favorite so far. But I am a big fan of rose flavors in tea for special occasions 🙂

  4. I love cherries. David’s tea cherry blossom white tea blend shoul be made into perfume!

  5. I love sweet teas and fruity teas. There are soooo many yummy ones from David’s, from the new cupcake teas to Buttcream and Pumpin Chai.

  6. I love teas with cinnamon, so if I have to pick only one David’s Tea favorite, it would be Cinnamon Heart. Love it! But it’s a close call with many of the other delicious teas from David’s Tea (love them!).

  7. “Minty” teas are my favorite, so I love Crème de Menthe and North African Mint (among many others) from David’s Tea. Soooooo good!

  8. Currently sipping on orange blossom from David’s tea, on a rainy night. Life is fab!

  9. I am a lover of chai teas, and I absolutely adore David’s Tea’s Pure Chai and Saigon Chai! And when Pumpkin Chai is available I love walking down on a crisp fall day to enjoy a hot cup!

  10. Always a fan of chair. But nothing tops a simple black tea first thing in the morning for me!

  11. Any of the oolongs do it for me! Organic Skinny is my all time fav! As I type Im drinking it too!! Ive even got my girls into tea and its our special time together 🙂 TY David <3

  12. CINNAMON!!!! (cinnamon heart and gold and glitter are my fav’s for their amazing cinnamon flavour!)

  13. I love my homemade blend of chamomile, lemon balm, peppermint, fennel and rosehips 🙂 David’s Tea is fantastic!!!!

  14. I’ve recently fallen in love with chai. LOVE the taste of that blend. Was delighted when a friend got the cinnamon chai from Davids Tea and didn’t love it – she gave me a bunch and yum, yum, yum! It’s like a warm hug on Christmas.

  15. My Fave tea would be movie night! So delishious that I could have a whole pot to myself.

  16. Any tea that is tangy but sweet is my ideal tea, but mum likes it rich and full flavored! But we both always sit down for a cup of tea every now and again together, no matter the flavor.

  17. I may have a giant stash of David’s Tea at home…want Mom to start hers too. Favourite taste in a tea is definitely either chili or ginger

  18. My favorite taste in tea blend is mint. I love the north african mint tea I got a few weeks back.

  19. I am in love with fruity teas like
    Mango Madness… It smells good and tastes even better!!

  20. I’m with Annonymous and Natalie….Forever Nuts! Heat up some milk and mix it in with a wee bit of sweetener. Most delicious thing you’ll ever taste. It tastes like cupcakes.

  21. I’m usually happy to find at least a little bit of a floral taste in my tea!

  22. Any kind of black tea!! My personal fav is the cream of earl grey or the nepal black!!! Both have that underlining vanilla taste Mmmmm 🙂

  23. David’s Tea is my comfort – all day long– My mom and I talk about new teas we have tried all the time – Hard to pick just one–Spearamint, orange blossom , and Cold 911 are the three I do enjoy most often– If I had to pick one favourite- just for this time- I would pick fired up fennel or licorice twist 🙂

  24. I’ve been a huge DavidsTea fan for a few years now. I’ve gotten many friends addicted to their incredible tasting blends. I’m a mom to a 3 year old with another baby on the way in June so I’d LOVE to win your Mother’s Day Giveaway. I have too many favorite DavidsTea’s to pick just one but my new favorite is Birthday Cake… in fact I think I’m going to go make myself a cup now.

  25. Forever Nuts is my hands down favourite (sipping it right now!), but Kanpe and the brand new Ever Green are neck-in-neck for second …

  26. My favorie tea is the Ice Cream Cake tea! SOOOOOO good! Even my 8yr old son loves it!

  27. Current favourite is rose petals in tea, although I like just about anything. DavidsTea has really turned me onto chocolate and coconut in tea, too.

  28. Hey Ryan,
    Great giveaway! I hope I win, I LOVE tea. Especially Davids Tea! One of my favourite tastes in a tea blend is chocolate! Mmmmm
    That’s why I work at papa chocolat.

  29. Chocolate ANYTHING! My fave is the chocolate orange tea, but I really love the new chocolate cake tea, too! My second choice would be a fruit blend. I absolutely love Forever Nuts with its apple-cinnamon flavour and Alpine Punch, too! Ah, too many to choose from!

  30. I really love chocolate flavoring in tea (so I LOVE Read My Lips) but I also like warm, cinnamony flavors, so the fall and winter teas often appeal to me.

  31. Goji pop is definitely my favorite!! Its amazing iced,its also great mixed with jungle ju ju!!!!

  32. Fave blend would have to be a fruit one… definitely Sencha Pear from David’s! It was my first tea from Davids, and you know what they say – you never forget your first love!

  33. My favourite taste in a tea blend is anything with coconut! So David’s Buttered Rum tea is amazing!

  34. I think my favourite taste in a tea is orange! But it’s such a difficult decision… I love chocolate, ginger, strawberry, mango, pumpkin and all chais!

  35. I love floral & fruity teas: David’s Three Wishes is a favorite, especially iced!

  36. I’m not sure if you’ve tried David’s Cold 911… BUT it has saved me lots of times when I’m sick. I always had a travel mug full of it under our news desk at SAIT to sip during commercials. It saved my voice SO MANY TIMES. I love the Juniper, orange, mint and Eucalyptus taste… it’s like a hug when you’re sick and that’s really what everyone wants.

  37. I have PLENTY teas from David’s tea, but my two favorites are “Les aventures de Kiwi” et “Heureux Kombucha” 🙂 They are SOOOOOO good! 🙂

  38. My favourtie blend is The Earl’s Garden! I love the taste of strawberries! It’s so yummy

  39. Oh my gosh…David’s Tea is amazing!!! My fave fave is North African Mint …or ANYTHING Oolong- so delish and so good for you!

  40. Fantastic giveaway, my mom absolutely adores David’s Tea and so do I!! My new fave blends are the cupcake tea blends… it’s like a dessert and a tea all in one! 😉

  41. Pretty much any tea with coconut in it makes it into my Must Drink List.

  42. I really love Swampwater!!! Brings out the child in me just what mom wants!!! lol

  43. Jolly Jellybean! I’m in love with it. I’ve almost completely finished the tin I just bought on Wednesday 🙂

  44. My favorite taste in tea, lately, has been grapefruit. It’s so refreshing! Great as an iced 🙂

  45. My favorite blend of tea would be black tea in the morning (Read on my Lips), Oolong in the afternoon (a tie between Long Life Oolong and Vanilla Oolong) and rooibos before sleep (my favorite: alpine punch). 🙂

  46. My favorite tea blend includes coconut… my new favorite is David’s Tea Gold Rush!

  47. Ooo tough pick, but my current favourite David’s tea is Cheeky Lychee! Thank you!

  48. My favourite tastes in tea would be a straight up black tea in the morning, something with vanilla, mint or ginger in the afternoon & Earl Grey blend after dinner. It’s tea all the way for me!

  49. After try 24 new teas for in my advent calendar last year, my favourite right now is Hot Lips. Delicious and sweet! just like me 😛

  50. J’en possède presque 30 et je les adore !!! J’aime particulièrement Noix magique et tout ce qui a de la noix de coco.

  51. I would love to win some FABULOUS tea for my FABULOUS MAMA! I am amazed by the nutty creamy flavor of FOREVER NUTS! Amazing. Thanks Davids Tea!

  52. Orange Pekoe is my go-to black, for sure. I drank a whole pot during the coverage of the Royal Wedding. 😉

  53. My favourite tea blend from david’s tea is Jungle Ju Ju, it has had my heart since first sip! Unfortunately every time I go to buy some they are out of stock 🙁

  54. Oops, did not mean to post anonymously, here I go again: My favourite tea blend from david’s tea is Jungle Ju Ju, it has had my heart since first sip! Unfortunately every time I go to buy some they are out of stock 🙁

  55. A HUGE thanks to all the DAVIDsTEA fans who entered this contest and read my blog, You are totally FAB!
    CONGRATS to Trina above who is the randomly chosen winner.
    Here is what she had to say;

    “Chocolate ANYTHING! My fave is the chocolate orange tea, but I really love the new chocolate cake tea, too! My second choice would be a fruit blend. I absolutely love Forever Nuts with its apple-cinnamon flavour and Alpine Punch, too! Ah, too many to choose from!”

Looking forward to reading your comments!