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Viktor & Rolf Man Clutch

April 12, 2012

I have been holding my breath for over a year in hopes that one day I would own one of the designer First Class Amenities kits from KLM… and for good reason!

When the announcement was made last year that design duo Viktor & Rolf , known for their outlandish, fashion forward designs, would be creating a male and a female version of the airline’s amenities kit I almost died and went to fashion heaven.

The men’s version of the kit would not only include the usual travelling goodies, it was going be more than the standard boxy travel sized satchel, it was going to look like a CLUTCH!!!

My prayers had been answered; Finally 2012 had arrived and so did the year of the man clutch!

Now you might look at this and want to argue that it’s still a ladies purse, but I beg to differ; Viktor & Rolf have designed a much more feminine version of the kit, which more so resembles a bow.

This one indeed was designed solely for men!

And the collection has just begun; KLM has a 4 year contract with the fashion icon and a new design will be released each of those years.

But there’s more! Every 6 months the color and/or fabric will be modified to update the look and give travelers (and me) the opportunity to own a brilliant wardrobe full of them!

I am so grateful I have fancy friends with deep pockets who can fly First Class to help build my collection…

I am now part of the ‘La dee Da’ club!

Love my MURSE!!

Mr. Fab & Rolf


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