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Killer Chocolate Easter Bunny!

April 5, 2012

Two of the things I love most are Holidays and Chocolate, so with Easter quickly approaching I have been on the hunt for the perfect Easter Bunny!

And there is nothing I love more than cheap chocolate! Nothing designer for me, just the solid 99 cent 1lb bunny !

But then I asked myself, “Could I do better?”

I’m satisfied with the generic Chocolate, but could I find more than just a pound?

Thanks to Costco, where bigger is better, I found my answer!

5000g chocolate bunny; Taller than my 3 year old niece and definitely more sweet!

For a mere $99 and an the additional $7000 in dental work, you too could be enjoying pure gluttony this Easter!

Now let’s see the Easer Bunny fit this in his basket!

Have a happy Easter

Mr. Fab ocolate


Looking forward to reading your comments!