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Naked & Famous Denim with a TWIST!!

April 4, 2012

Everybody wears denim, most people slide into it and it looks great, then you’ve got me… It’s nothing but trouble!

I have a lot of demands, but the bells and whistles on these two new designs from Naked & Famous have never been on the list.

32oz Denim

The standard denim uses 8oz denim with the most flexible and comfy denim being a bit lighter.

So what happens when you use such a heavy weight denim?

They can stand on their own! No joking, and they guarantee them to be ‘uncomfortable’.

Only 132 pair have been manufactured by the Montreal company, who imports Japanese denim, and at $500 a pop I can understand why!

These jeans are so thick that somebody could dry hump you and you wouldn’t even notice!

Now for the second pair of Jeans, I wish I had smell-o-vision for you!

Scratch & Sniff Denim!

Forget about cutting your nails, you’re going to file them down on your pants!

A few furious scratches back and forth and you too can smell like a member of the ‘Very Berry‘ gang!

The closest I can compare the smell to would be a plastic Strawberry Shortcake doll. All I want to do is suck on these jeans or mix them with soda water for a delicious $150 cocktail!

No longer will I hate my chubby thighs, the constant rubbing together combined with the heat had me smelling like a warm waffle!

I totally commend Naked & Famous for not only providing a fantastic fit in a wicked jean but for coming up with something new and innovative in the bland world of denim!

Mr. Fab erry thighs


Looking forward to reading your comments!