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Street Style PSP/LAX

March 26, 2012

There’s more than just great architecture in the city of Palm Springs, there is also some great tourists who bring their fashion influence from nearby cities like LA.

Before I travel to any city, I stalk local forums and club photos to see what the cool kids are wearing, I’d hate to f*ck it up and be shunned to an evening of loneliness due to my Levi 501’s and heavy knit sweater.

So when I saw Dustin from across the room, I had to pull an Aldona (who snaps street fashion in YYC) and take some photos.

I was drawn in by the ‘Pretty Women’ and stuck around for the pretty man.

His wardrobe might have come from Urban Outfitters but something told me he searched a lot harder to piece it all together.

The random allotment of arm candy on had me wanting to jump state to Tijuana so I could collect some matching BFF bracelets.

The skinny pants, which would look like a pair of body Spanx on me and the multi strap shoes closed the deal for me; This guy was ‘street fresh’ and he knew it.

He was a nice kid with great style and a personality to match.

You work LAX/PSP and show them how it’s done!

Mr. Fab s look book


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