March 20, 2012

What happened to the brilliance of all the useless 80’s junk; but more importantly, what happened to that junk in my cereal box?

In the recent years I have noticed my boxes just containing cereal… This has made it very difficult when trying to figure out which kind to buy, I used to use the freebies as my deciding factor.

More annoyingly than removing the ‘incentive’ all together is the “clip the cardboard box and admit my child to the movies for free”

I don’t have a kid, so all I’m asking is that you return my 10 cents at a garage sale merchandise back to the box.

Then like an answered prayer, I stumbled upon this;

Cinnamon Toast Crunch; Not only a cereal that screams Saturday morning cartoons, but they were also offering a “collect 1 of 8” goodie!

I literally stopped short of ripping open the box right then and there and calmly proceeded to the check out.

Within minutes of arriving home I was elbow deep digging for my surprise!

Oh sweet sweet mercy, I was the lucky recipient of C-3PO… As I filled my face with the sugary breakfast pick-me-up I stared at my new-found friend and thought, “I hope it’s scented!”

Now I await my return to the grocery store as I hope to complete my collection.

Keep the junk a comin!

Mr. Fab n’ milk


Looking forward to reading your comments!