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What to Wear Wednesday; Guest Writer Miss. Chloe!

February 29, 2012

Hello Fab readers, allow me to introduce myself;

My name is Chloe and I’m here to add a woman’s touch to Mr. Fab’s perspective on fashion.

Having had a passion for fashion at an early age, I’ve mastered the art of staying in tune with what will last till it becomes trash and what will remain classic. Not quite sure what the current “thing” is? I’ve come to help!

Here are my top three style picks of the month;

YSL Tribute Sandals – $795.

These gorgeous patent strappy sandals are everything a girl dreams about! They are uber sexy and have a crazy high heel, but the secret is…they have a platform, making them a lot more bearable than you may think. Stilts no more! This sandal will be a keeper!

Next up, and I know you’ve been secretly coveting them too, the Alexander McQueen Scarves – $325-$435.

These gorgeous silk scarves provide both versatility and style. With all the beautiful colors available, McQueen’s skulls can be worn with a nicely tailored blazer, or as a head wrap with a cute pair of shorts. Fashion is about getting creative!

Lastly, to add sass and POP to any look; Butter London Nail Polish – $22.

They’ve got more than a handful of colors for you to work with. Remember, it doesn’t necessarily have to match what you’re wearing;  Color blocking is a hot trend this season so go for a color you don’t even have in your wardrobe!

Hope this helped spice up your week and encourage your next few purchases!

And I’ll see you next month with more fabulous finds!

Miss. Chloe fab kick!


Looking forward to reading your comments!