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Valentine’s Gift Guide for your Man

February 8, 2012

With Valentine’s less than a week away I’ve decided that I should help my lady friends with gift ideas for their man… It’s true, guys want stuff too!

So I thought I might as well head over to Core Shopping, my stress-free safe haven for all my shopping needs!

As you know, I’m not a ‘typical’ guy, 3 cakes and a jar of gummy worms is enough to impress me, but what does your man want besides a 6 pack and a big screen TV?

Why not try baby steps and bring him into your world. Pick up a few of these Beer inspired wine glasses over at Land and Sea. ($15.95-$22.95)

For years Fred has been coming up with quirky and fun products that are not only very functional but a great conversation piece. Why not casual up your romantic dinner at home with these fabulous glasses.

Now perhaps your going out for dinner, how about something a little more trendy and much more comfortable than his work boots.

Sperry Top Sliders at Holt Renfrew ($120)

These are easy to slip on and comfortable to wear. He’ll love the ease of not having to sock up, and you’ll love that he’s looking a bit West Hollywood.

But why stop the fashion train there!

Each year Lacoste collaborates with a designer and releases a collector series of branded merchandise. This year  Jonathan Adler joins the team and a limited-edition run of shirts with Adlers distinctive “happy chic” twist are now available for purchase. Branded Polo($175 with bonus needlework pillow)

These shirts are brilliant and if you’re a fan of Adler’s designs, his needlework pillows generally sell for $100+, so this combo is a steal of a deal! A gift for your man, and a gift for yourself!

Now ladies, although you may not know us guys well enough to shop alone, I think I know you pretty well. So guys, if you’re reading this, let me help you; Here’s what she really wants.

She remembers the moment you first met. She recalls what you were wearing, what you said and where you went on your first date. However, if your like me, you’d be lucky if you can even remember what year you met. What I’m getting at is that she likes sentiment, so here’s what to do;

Find songs that were popular when you first met or that mean something to both of you. Pull the songs off iTunes and create an album on your computer, then when she’s sleeping upload the album on her iPhone.

Next toss this Cassette iPhone cover on her phone from HMV ($12.99)

Do a little voice recording to kick off the album, saying something sweet and personal. If she likes cheese say something like “The mix tape may have died but my love for you never will!” Right now every girl reading this is rolling her eyes but trust me, say something sweet and it will be the best gift she has ever received.

If you’re not technical you can always buy this album, In Love ($14.99)

Just burn it onto another CD, personalized the cover and she’ll be none the wiser.

I hope you have the most romantic Valentines Day.

Mr. Fab upid


Looking forward to reading your comments!