Wedding Fair YYC

January 26, 2012

I normally spend my Sundays sitting around eating everything in sight, so when I was invited to Wedding Fair, Calgary’s biggest and best, the thoughts of cake samples filled my mind and I just couldn’t say no.

Now here’s the thing this Wedding Fair; not only is it a great place for brides and grooms to source for their special day but it’s also a great way to gather ideas for any special event you may be hosting

Here are several things that caught my eye that I like and that I would make sure to include if I were to be getting married.

The Photo Booth.

I loved this because it’s the old school version, hidden behind the curtain you can feel comfortable to make what ever silly face you want, have a great time, and not feel like the photog is judging you!

Next up the cake I loved the most… and when I say cake, I don’t mean cupcake tower… that’s tacky – I’m sorry, it makes me think your party’s on a budget.

I love the simplicity of it combined with the 10 pounds of butter cream that have been slathered on it.

Next up: flowers… I am a big fan of OTT (over the top). Check out these centerpieces.

Both are much too large for your sticky fingered party guests to sneak out with.

Now if you you’re looking for something that your great-aunt can fill her purse with, I love the idea of skipping flowers and doing a ‘Candy Buffet’ center piece on each table!

I think this should pre occupy your guests until dinner.

The Fair had a wide variety of whimsical table ideas, here are two of my favorites;

One really simple

And one a little more off the cuff.

Lastly I couldn’t decide whether this horrified me or made me happy.

Personalized cake topper

These are hand carved and can be done in caricature form or a much ‘softer’ animated form. The don’t come cheap and average $250-$500, but you’ll have this personalized party memento for a lifetime.

These finds were just the tip of the iceberg at the Wedding Fair and between numerous samples of cake and chocolates being served I came out of there on a sugar high with some of the greatest ideas for my next event!

I can hardly wait for this event to return next year!

Mr. Fab

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