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Famous Friday (Paul Sorvino)

December 30, 2011

I have worked with a wide variety of talented actors and Paul Sorvino is definately one of them.

Paul is most notable from the movie Goodfellas and is arguably the film that brought him the most fame. For me, I first stumbled upon him when I saw him play a Capulet, Juliet’s dad in the 1996 release of Romeo and Juliet.

I think Paul is probably one of the most talented actors I have worked with. On screen he plays strong male roles and is 100% believable… but what is he like off-screen?

Probably one of the most odd individuals I have ever worked with.

I spent 14 days on filming the movieSanta Baby 2’ with Paul, who played Santa Claus (It co-starred Jenny McCarthy and Dean McDermott).

When the camera and lighting were set and the actors where all ready to go, the waiting would begin… We were on Paul time and it was anyone’s guess when he would decide to stroll onto set.

That being said he was quite the character, always conversing with the crew, playing with the elves and giving us sudden ‘operetic’ engagements.

There are so many bizarre moments I had with him on set but at the end of the day, no matter what ‘interesting’ behaviours he displayed, he came across golden in the final edit, possibly the best part of the movie.

So whatever you’re doing Paul… keep on doing it, we’ll wait!!

Mr Fab orvino


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