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Christmas in NYC (Bergdorf Goodmans Visuals)

December 29, 2011

There really is no way to walk you through the amazing windows I saw this year in NYC at Bergdorf Goodmans,

This year’s theme was ‘Carnival of Animals’ and window by window I became more amazed.

Although the store fronts were crowded at the women’s department store location, many people seemed to have forgotten that just down and across the street stood the men’s store. The sidewalks were clear and I was able to spend as much time staring at the perfection the visual team had designed.

Here they are;

Giant Nautical Fish

Giant Cat Dog Walker

Rockin Robin

The Aviation Bear

 Mighty Lion

This one is one of my favorites…

The Barber Shop

and then there were little windows too, crammed full of stuff and really detailed!

Mr. Rabbits House

The Arctic Polar Bears

And last but not least,

Santa’s Helper Squirrel

I hope you are in love with these windows as much as I am!

Thanks Bergdorf for making my holiday visit so special!

Mr. Fab dorf


Looking forward to reading your comments!