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CORE Gift Guide #9

December 21, 2011

As Christmas day closes in on us, I have decided to add a few last-minute gifts under the tree. Thanks to CORE shopping this season and their beautifully renovated mall for being my only downtown shopping destination.

Just in time to find those last-minute items, Calgary’s largest Le Chateau has finally opened.

I needed one last item for my sister-in-law who likes all things sparkly, so when I found these earrings ($9.95) that look like antique crystal faceted door knobs, I couldn’t say no!

The really cool thing about these dazzlers is that when viewed from the sides they look clear but from the front view they have a colourful appearance. It’s quite a nice surprise and I think the colour is perfectly ‘holiday’.

Now I always like to have extra items on hand, because you never know when you’ll need a gift for someone you may have over looked. I love candles because you can always store them away till the following year should you not gift them.

This year at Banana Republic they have released 3 new seasonal candles ($28) and unless you’ve been scouring the lower shelves in the store, you’d never find them.

These aren’t your typical pine scented candles, each have a really unique fragrance. None of them are over powering and the mulled spice is the front-runner for me. A hint of warm holiday mixed with s smidge of sweetness. I might just be gifting this to myself!

Last item on my ‘last minute’ list is hopefully something that will help keep track of what limited time you have left to shop.

Land & Sea is definatley the ‘it’ store for stocking stuffers and interesting gifts. I’m in love with this paper watch ($20)

It’s all you need to keep time without all those fussy buttons that nobody knows how to use anyway. It’s great for those people who don’t wear watches and just need one now and again. You can draw your own designs on it and it’s perfect for a Saturday night out at the bar to collect phone numbers on, just remember to take it off before you hit the shower!

I hope this Holiday season, whether you’re looking for happiness in gifts or time with loved ones that you get everything you hope for.

From the house of Fab to yours,

Merry Christmas!

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