Christmas in NYC

Christmas in NYC (Tiffany & Co.)

December 12, 2011

Last week I was walking past the Tiffany store in a Canadian shopping mall when my friend pointed out the cute carousel scene in the window, the holiday windows were up. Two small window displays simplistic, classic and timeless just like their products.

This week in NYC, I knew if I liked what the two small shopping mall windows had, I would be blown away by the store on 5th Avenue.

They actually built giant facades of carousels which surrounded each one of their exterior windows, climbing high up the sides of the store.

Inside each there was etched mirror with a 8” octagon port hole to view the mini scenes.

I contacted Tiffany to find out if there was a story behind the windows, indeed there was. The story tells the tale of a magical carousel that appers in Central park each Christmas

Each Christmas Eve while the children sleep the animals come to life and roam free though out the park.

The story is so full of whimsy that it makes me believe in more than just Santa!

Thanks Tiffany for keeping the spirit and dreams of Christmas flowing!

Mr. Fab any

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